Champion RR-21-33-5-10 Large Hydraulic Ram (21" - 33")

Champion RR-21-33-5-10 Large Hydraulic Ram (21" - 33")
Item# CRT_RR2133510
Operating Pressure: 

Product Description

Champion Rescue Tools Rams are the most unique style on the market. They can be run as an interlocking set or independently. When interlocked they provide up to 70″ of spreading distance. The stainless steel heads have an aggressive multi-tooth design that digs into the surface being pushed and greatly reduces slippage commonly seen in other rams. Our Remote Ram package includes 2 Rams and accessories that operate from a remote control valve for increased safety/visibility for the operator.

Weight: 19.3 lbs.

Size: Open Length - 33.0" Closed Length- 21.0".

Maximum Hydraulic Force: 13,000 lbs.

Your choice of fluid type and Operating Pressure of 5,000 psi or 10,500 psi.

Limited Lifetime Warranty.