P.A.C. 1003 Toolok

P.A.C. 1003 Toolok
Item# PAC_1003

Product Description

The TOOLOK may be mounted horizontally or vertically. The radiused top end of the base is designed to prevent mounted items from rolling off prior to engaging the GRIPLOK.

The TOOLOK is injection-molded of the best materials available to provide a long, troublefree life. The base is black, rigid and made of SUPER TUFF nylon.

The GRIPLOK is yellow and made of a special highperformance, urethane-based elastomer.

Tensile strength at break, 5400 PSI.

Simple to install and use.

TOOLOK is tough, resistant to weather, non-conducting, UVstabilized, and cost-effective.

It features easy, fast-locking and instant release.

Grip range is from 1/8 to 1-1/2 (3.17 to 38.10 mm).

TOOLOK is compliant with NFPA 1901 requirements, at a rated load of 4 lbs.